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FTOC Fitness Program: December Workout

The mission of the Wellness Center and the fitness program within it is to help educate the community on how to take control of their health outside of the doctor’s office. Families Together Resistance Trainer, Chris Henderson, is back with another at-home workout that can easily be done in your living room or in an outdoor park!

Watch the step-by-step video for this month’s workout and read through specific instructions for how to do each exercise below the video. To schedule an appointment with Chris or to sign up to a group fitness class, please call (657) 422 – 8419.

Exercise #1: Squat – Sets 2-5, Reps 2-12

  1. Sitting Squat – Set up a solid surface that is near Knee-height (Bench, chair, couch, etc) behind you. Set the feet up slightly wider than shoulder width and have them slightly angled out. Squat down to make contact with the surface, keeping the weight primarily on the posterior ¾ of the foot (Heel to Balls of feet) and return to the starting position. 
  2. Air squat (Body Weight Squat) – Set up with both feet slightly wider than shoulder width and slightly angled out. Squat down to whatever depth is challenging, but repeatable (no pain or discomfort), while maintaining the weight on the posterior ¾ of the foot. Then return to starting position. 

Exercise #2: Calf Raise – Sets 2-5, Reps 6-20

  1. Standard – Start with feet close together (No wider than hip width). You will keep the balls of the feet stationary to the ground while using the calf muscles to raise the heels in the air. Slowly lower your heels back to the starting position and repeat. 
  2. Modifications  – Start with the balls of the feet on a raised surface to increase the difficulty or hold weight in your hands while doing the exercise.

Exercise #3: Push Up – Sets: 2-5, Reps: 2-20

  1. Regular – Laying prone, hands will be placed at shoulder level on the ground, roughly 3 inches out to the sides. The upper arm should be at roughly 45 degrees down and out from the shoulder. Toes, hips, chest and hands will be in contact with the floor during the end of the eccentric(end) portion of this exercise. You will press into the ground, extending the elbow and pushing your body upwards while maintaining a straight line from the shoulders to your heels. After a nearly full extension of the elbow, you will lower the body to the ground slowly, again maintaining the straight line from shoulder to heels. 
  2. From a higher surface – The starting shoulder and arm angles of this variation will be exactly the same as the regular push up. Instead of the ground, you will be placing your hands on the edge of a raised/stable surface (Table, chair, wall, etc). You will then proceed to press your body away from the surface while maintaining that straight line from shoulders to heels and lower the body back to the starting position and repeat. 

Exercise #4: Crunch – Sets 2-5, Reps 4-30

  1. Standard – Lay on your back with your knees bent towards the ceiling (Feet can either be flat on the ground or raised in the air). Have the hands in a comfortable position either crossed at the chest, straight in front or bent behind the head (Be sure not to pull the head or neck at all while doing the exercise). While maintaining the lower body position, flex the abdomen and raise your shoulders up towards your knees. Control the body as it lowers back to the starting position and repeat the movement. 
  2. Raised Legs – Lay on your back with your legs as straight as you can comfortably get them in the air. Flex your abdomen and raise your upper body to try and touch your raised feet with your hands. Control the body as it lowers to the ground and repeat.