Our Pharmacy

Patients at Families Together have access to a pharmacy service that allows them to easily fill prescriptions. Our partner pharmacy service delivers prescribed medication directly to our facility in Tustin or Garden Grove, or to the patient’s home.

How It Works

Here at Families Together of Orange County, we’re always looking for innovative ways to help you better manage your health and wellness. This includes rethinking the way we provide prescription services. Rather than operating a separate in-house pharmacy, we work with the dedicated specialists to handle all of your medication needs. Our partner pharmacy is a full- service pharmacy offering streamlined prescription refills, medication management, special prescription services and convenient delivery to your home or local FTOC office.

Easy Transfers and Refills

When your health depends on having the right medications at the right times, you can’t afford any delays or disruptions. This understandably makes many people hesitant to switch pharmacies, fearing it may be difficult to transfer prescriptions and refill them in a timely manner. That’s why we searched high and low to identify the best available pharmacy service for our patients. In partnership with our pharmacy, we seamlessly transfer all of your prescriptions, insurance information and other essential data, ensuring you can continue refilling your medications quickly and easily.

Free Local Deliveries

Making repeated trips to the pharmacy every month to pick up prescriptions can be a real hassle. It can even be a serious source of stress, especially for people who have lots of medications, lack reliable transportation or struggle with anxiety in public settings. Fortunately, there’s a better way. As a Families Together patient, you’re eligible to have your medications delivered discreetly by mail at no extra cost. If you live within a five-mile service range, you can also opt for same-day delivery straight to your doorstep. Alternatively, your prescriptions can be sent to your nearest FTOC office for pickup at your convenience.

Patient-Focused Pharmacy Services

Great pharmacies go beyond simply filling prescriptions by actively working to understand and anticipate their patients’ needs. In particular, this means offering services that minimize stress and confusion, increase convenience and improve medication adherence. Together with our pharmacy partner that’s exactly what we aim to achieve for our patients. You’ll get automatic medication synchronization, easy-open packaging options, workers’ comp assistance, 90-day prescriptions, vacation services and more. You can even receive a free blood glucose meter and 50 test strips with a new or transferred prescription for any diabetes medication.

Compassionate Customer Care

Not all pharmacies are the same, and patients tend to choose a pharmacy based on factors like proximity and familiarity. As a result, patients could be forgoing the high – quality care they deserve. When you choose Families Together of Orange County, however, you can always count on positive, compassionate care. Whether you need a simple refill or you’re struggling to manage your complex medication needs, you’ll get comprehensive pharmacy services with a personal touch.

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