Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Services

Mental health is an important aspect of every individual’s overall well-being. Providing a trauma informed approach, FTOC’s accredited therapists provide individual, group and family counseling to the community in English and Spanish. Our therapists serve mild to moderate symptoms and can connect individuals who exhibit severe symptoms to a higher level of care.

Individual Counseling

Although we aren’t always keen to admit it, we all need a little help from time to time. When life throws obstacles your way, you don’t need to navigate them alone. At Families Together of Orange County, you can share what’s on your mind in a confidential, compassionate, judgment-free environment. Our accredited therapists are ready to provide whatever support you need, whether it’s teaching coping skills or simply lending a sympathetic ear. Through our individual counseling sessions, we’ll help you develop the tools to handle life’s challenges in healthy, positive ways.

Group and Family Counseling

For some people, family is a source of great comfort and support. For others, however, it’s a source of conflict and stress. Family therapy seeks to mediate and de-escalate these conflicts by fostering open, honest, and constructive communication. In addition to individual and family counseling, we also offer group therapy in both English and Spanish. Many people find invaluable support and camaraderie in group counseling sessions. A group setting can also offer accountability and help you see things from different perspectives.


When you have a physical illness, you see a doctor for a medical evaluation and diagnosis so you can seek the appropriate treatment. Why should a mental illness be any different? At Families Together of Orange County, our licensed providers listen and evaluate your needs, working closely with you to develop an effective, personalized care plan. We use a variety of strategies for treating mental health and substance use disorders, including prescription medications. If necessary, we can also assist you in getting any additional help you need.

Case Management

Mental health issues can often coincide with everyday life stressors, including housing, financial, and employment challenges. That’s why having a case manager on your side can be invaluable. Our dedicated case managers guide you every step of the way, from assessing your needs and connecting you with the right services and resources to helping you manage day-to-day issues in your life. You’ll work together to establish realistic goals, create a roadmap for reaching them and build coping skills to overcome obstacles and keep yourself on the path to recovery.

Trauma-Informed Care

At Families Together of Orange County, we’re strong believers in providing trauma-informed care. This approach recognizes that trauma is both complex and pervasive, often influencing people and interactions in ways that aren’t immediately apparent. From our staff to our clinical care providers, we strive to recognize, understand, respect and respond to trauma in all its forms. By remaining conscious and vigilantly working to avoid re-traumatization, we’ve created a safe, supportive environment that encourages healing, increases treatment adherence and improves outcomes.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can impact your mental and physical health and can make you feel trapped and powerless to escape. If you’re experiencing domestic violence, we can help. We’ll connect you with all the resources you need, including experienced victim advocates who can help you access essential services like safety planning, emergency shelter, and legal intervention. We also offer comprehensive counseling, psychiatric care, and other mental health services.

Group Classes

Our behavioral health department offers group classes in English and Spanish within our Wellness Center, local schools, and within partner agencies throughout the community to serve a diverse set of needs.

  • Emotional Wellness Therapy
  • Resiliency and Trauma
  • Wellness Workshop
  • Communication and Emotional Expression

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