Medical Services

Our experienced team of caring professionals provide top quality medical services to keep families healthy throughout all stages of life. Offering personalized and comprehensive healthcare, families can feel right at home at FTOC with access to a variety of programs and services offered at affordable prices for everyone – with or without insurance.

Primary Care

Available at Tustin, Garden Grove, & Fountain Valley

A good primary care doctor can do a lot more than just treating sore throats and sprained ankles. At Families Together of Orange County, our physicians are trusted advocates and guardians of your health. By building strong relationships in our community, we’re able to deliver the highest level of personalized care for people of all ages, backgrounds and income levels. We provide convenient, affordable access to in-office medical treatment, consultations, preventive physicals, laboratory testing and everything else you need to get healthy and stay that way.

Family Practice

Available at Tustin, Garden Grove, & Fountain Valley

From infants to seniors, quality healthcare is a basic necessity in every stage of life. As a qualified family practice, we specialize in helping you manage the health and well-being of your entire family. We offer a full range of services for people of all ages, including walk-in treatment for injury and illness, bloodwork and imaging, preventive screenings, immunizations and reproductive health services. Our team is committed to providing compassionate support for all your healthcare needs, whether it’s managing chronic illnesses, locating specialists, scheduling appointments or finding low-income programs and other helpful resources.

Internal Medicine

Available at Tustin, Garden Grove, & Fountain Valley

Your health is a precious gift, and the internal medicine specialists at Families Together of Orange County are determined to help you keep it. Our experienced physicians deliver high-level primary care to prevent, diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, from general aches and pains to illnesses and acute injuries. We offer cutting-edge testing and imaging, pre-operative evaluations, skilled in-office care and more. Our experts work one-on-one with you to develop treatment plans for chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension, helping you enjoy the happier, healthier, longer life you deserve.


Available at Tustin & Fountain Valley

In addition to affecting your health, skin conditions can be detrimental to your confidence and overall quality of life. At Families Together of Orange County, we offer convenient, affordable dermatological services to effectively diagnose and treat all types of skin-related issues. Our skilled dermatologists work closely with you and your primary care doctor to create treatment plans that are tailored to your individual needs. From chronic acne and psoriasis to skin cancer and serious infections, we have the expertise to alleviate your issues and help you achieve healthy, radiant skin at any age.


Available at Tustin & Fountain Valley

With a third of U.S. adults at risk of developing kidney disease and millions more suffering from other kidney-related complications, skilled renal care has never been more important. If your primary care physician recommends seeing a nephrologist, Families Together of Orange County has you covered. With highly qualified specialists and cutting-edge technologies, we’re equipped to diagnose and treat kidney stones, acute injuries, infections, renal failure and many other conditions. We also screen for chronic kidney disease and can help you manage your condition, allowing you to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.


Our bodies undergo a lot of changes as we age, which means that our health needs change as well. As a trusted provider of geriatric services, we work every day to address the health problems and concerns that are most important to older adults. If you’re over age 65, our Providers can help you prepare to age gracefully and maintain an active, healthy, independent lifestyle throughout your golden years. We also treat a wide range of age-related illnesses and health conditions, including arthritis, osteoporosis, incontinence, dementia and impaired mobility.

Group Visits

Available at Tustin, Garden Grove, & Fountain Valley

Group visits are offered in English and Spanish. The program brings together a group of patients with similar medical needs or conditions for medical care in an extended appointment with a health care provider and group facilitator. The visits incorporate education, counseling, and group discussion around management of the patient’s medical conditions. In a group visit, patients have the added benefit of learning from one another and building self-management skills.

Immigration Medical Exams

Available at Fountain Valley (18+)

If you’re applying for a visa or green card as an immigrant to the United States, you undoubtedly know the process can be long and arduous. When it comes to your immigration medical exam, however, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. For a convenient and comprehensive immigration exam at the lowest possible cost to you, trust the local experts at Families Together of Orange County.

Our fully certified providers can help you navigate the entire process, ensuring your immigration exam is completed smoothly and swiftly. During the examination, we’ll perform full physical and mental health evaluations and review your medical records. We’ll also need to verify that you’re current on all essential vaccinations, so be sure to bring along your immunization records. If necessary, we can provide any required vaccinations you may be missing.

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