Our Wellness Center & Wellness Services

At Families Together, we know that wellness goes beyond medical check-ups, which is why we have a dedicated Wellness Center at our Tustin location to provide resources and services to help increase the overall well-being of every patient.

Everyone knows that regular exercise is a critical factor in staying healthy, happy and fit. Unfortunately, many people simply don’t have the time, knowledge, equipment or motivation to maintain a proper workout regimen. That’s why we’re thrilled to make our state-of-the-art Jae’s Gym facility freely accessible to all qualifying patients.

Located within our Tustin Wellness Center, Jae’s Gym is dedicated to continuing the legacy of FTOC fitness trainer Jae Flores, who passed away suddenly in August 2021. Led by our Weight Resistance Trainer, Christopher Henderson, our facility offers high-quality equipment, monthly workout programs and fun, up-tempo weekly adult resistance training classes. We also feature a variety of cutting-edge technologies, including the new InBody 270 body composition analyzer. This advanced scanner provides detailed fitness assessments and allows you to track the results of your hard work before they’re even visible.

Acupuncture Services

Our acupuncture services are led by our licensed acupuncturist and designed to help patients achieve optimal health and wellness using natural healing methods. We specialize in treating a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and more.

Monday & Wednesday – Fountain Valley location 9-6 p.m.
Thursday & Friday – Tustin Wellness Center 9-6 p.m.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy program is led by a licensed physical therapist and designed to assist patients in recovering from injuries, surgeries, and chronic conditions. Physical Therapy services include a thorough evaluation, a treatment plan, and ongoing support to assist patients in reaching their goals and returning to their daily activities. We employ various techniques to relieve pain, improve mobility and function, and prevent future injuries, including manual therapy, exercise, modalities, and education.

Whether you’re recovering from a sports injury, surgery, or a chronic condition like arthritis, our physical therapy program can help you regain strength and mobility while also improving your overall quality of life.

Karate Classes

Are you looking for a healthy, constructive way for your child to burn off some excess energy? Need a fun after-school activity for your teen that doesn’t involve staring at a screen for hours at a time? Try karate! At Families Together of Orange County, we offer karate classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays for patients ranging from 3 to 17. We even provide free transportation for anyone who needs it.

Studies have repeatedly shown that karate and other martial arts benefit children in a variety of important ways. Organized martial arts help instill confidence and teach an array of valuable skills, including socialization, memorization, focus, self-discipline and conflict resolution. Karate also builds stamina, balance and strength, providing fantastic training for aspiring athletes.

Diet and Nutrition

On a fundamental level, food is the fuel that powers your everyday life. To look, feel and function at your best, it’s important to fuel your body with a balanced, high-quality diet. That’s often easier said than done, but we’re dedicated to providing all the nutritional guidance, resources and services you need to make healthy choices.

Our nutrition program is headed by Roxanna Muñoz, an experienced nutritionist and cooking class instructor. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Roxanna provides helpful guidance, one-on-one consultations and tasty, affordable, nutrient-packed recipes every month. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, bulk up or manage a medical condition, we’ll help you develop the dietary knowledge and skills you need.

Cooking Classes

A little culinary know-how goes a long way when it comes to eating a health-conscious diet. With some basic cooking skills, you can turn a wide range of simple, low-cost ingredients into wholesome and filling meals. Whether you’re an amateur chef or someone that needs a little bit more assistance in the kitchen, we believe everyone is capable of preparing nutritious, mouth-watering foods at home.

That’s why we offer informative cooking classes to help patients of all ages and skill levels gain confidence in the kitchen. You’ll learn all sorts of useful tips and techniques from expert nutritionists while sampling an assortment of delicious foods. We even host children’s cooking camps, giving kids and teenagers an early start on a lifetime of healthy cooking and eating habits.

Kids cooking classes now available! Please call 1(800) 597-7977 ext. 510 for more information and to register for Wellness Classes. Free transportation is provided!

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