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FTOC Fitness Program: February Workout

This month’s exercise routine is brought to you by our Weight Resistance Trainer, Chris. Here we have a set of four exercises with modifications included. Make it as easy or as difficult as you need and make sure to look at our Events page for group exercise sessions in our Wellness Center with Chris himself! To schedule an appointment with Chris or to sign up to a group fitness class, please call (657) 422 – 8419.

Lunges/ Bulgarian Squats – Sets 2-5, Reps 4-20 Each

  • Standard Lunge – Start with both legs shoulder-width apart. Step forward with one foot and keep it flat to the ground (Most weight on the rear ¾ of the foot). The back heel will now be lifted slightly. Descend this rear knee to a few inches above the ground (Go to a depth that is comfortable and repeatable with no pain). Then return to the starting position.
  • Bulgarian Split Squat – Start in a lunge position with the rear leg elevated. Descend the rear knee to a few inches above the ground, return to starting lunge position and repeat. Increase difficulty by holding weights in your hands while doing this exercise.

Calf Raise – Sets 2-5, Reps 6-20

  • Standard – Start with feet close together (No wider than hip width). You will keep the balls of the feet stationary to the ground while using the calf muscles to raise the heels in the air. Slowly lower your heels back to the starting position and repeat.
  • Modifications – Start with the balls of the feet on a raised surface to increase the difficulty or hold weight in your hands while doing the exercise.

Side Crawls – Sets 2-5, Reps 2-20 Each Side

  • Side Crawl- Start in the extended position of a push up with the back and hips as straight as possible. Cross one arm over and in front of the opposite arm and plant on the ground beside it. When the crossing arm is planted, move the other arm out to the side and keep a little more than a shoulder’s width between them to get back to a normal top position of a push up (extended arms, straight back and torso). As the arms are crossing over each other, the foot on the side of the crossing arm will cross the body underneath the opposite leg and plant itself. The opposite leg will then move to align with the outside hand to maintain the starting push-up position.
  • Side Crawl Push Up – Follow all above steps for the Side Crawl and add a push up when you reach each side.

Bird dog – Sets 2-5, Reps 3-12 Each Side

  • Start on your hands and knees with your back as straight as possible. Moving opposite limbs (Right arm-left leg: left arm-right leg), you will raise the arm in front of you to be parallel with the ground, keeping the arm straight from the shoulder. The opposite leg will raise at the same time behind you, straightening out from the hip. You will extend this leg out to also be parallel with the ground. You will then bring both limbs back to the starting position. Keep the movement on this exercise slow and controlled and maintain a straight back.