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Six Tips for Staying Active This Summer

Summer is in full swing and we have all finally settled into our summertime routines! With these long, hot summer days, it’s easy for us to put daily physical exercise at the bottom of our priority list. However, our team at FTOC wants to help you find the motivation to get outside, and get active! With the advice from our Weight Resistance Trainer and Nutritionist, we put together the following tips to help you stay active during summer break.

1. Minimum of 20 minutes of walking outside each day

Research shows that taking a 20 minute walk a day has great benefits on both your physical and mental health. To avoid the extreme heat, try going for a walk first thing in the morning, after waking up, or wait for it to cool down in the evening. This is something you can do solo, with a friend, or with the whole family.

2. Find at least one hobby that you love doing & gets you moving

Don’t be afraid to learn a new skill that gets you moving. Adopting a hobby that keeps you moving is a great way to motivate yourself to stay active and increases your likelihood of making that activity a habit. Some different activities include: going on a hike, riding a bike, playing a sport, skateboarding, and jumping rope.

3. Take the stairs instead of the escalator/elevator if you can

Staying active during summer break can be as simple as making small lifestyle changes. When you are out running errands opting to take the stairs over the elevators or escalators is a simple switch that ups your cardio. In this heat, you may even break a sweat!

4. Go swimming

Finding a pool you can take a dip in during these hot days is a great way to cool down, while also staying active. Swimming is a great way to engage certain muscle groups and increase cardio. Joining a community pool, a friend’s pool, or heading to the beach, swimming is a fun way to get moving this summer!

5. Find a workout buddy to help you stay accountable and on top of your goals

Recruiting someone else to work out with and hold each other accountable is helpful for the days you struggle to find motivation. Incorporating physical activities into your social life can make working out fun! You can even add some friendly competition into the mix. The encouragement that comes with having a workout buddy is unmatchable. Grab a friend, family member, or neighbor and get moving!

6. Roxy’s tips on staying hydrated

Homemade sports drink recipe:

  • 1 cup (8 ounces) water, non carbonated
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • Small pinch of salt (very small amount needed)
  • Sweetener such as Stevia or Monk Fruit to taste

With all of these tips, we hope that you and your family find the best ways to stay active and healthy this summer! Families Together is offering an array of classes that can help you stay active this summer, including Strength Training and Karate. You can view our full schedule of classes on our Events page. More information about our Wellness Services can be found on our Wellness page. Please call 1(800) 597-7977 ext. 507 for more information on any Wellness program.