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New! InBody Scanner at FTOC

We live in a fast paced culture that expects quick results. When this expectation carries over to our beliefs about working out, it can be tough to stick to a workout routine. With the help of our new Inbody 270, your progress can be tracked, taking note of even the slightest bit of change. This machine sees changes before you see them yourself, helping you to st

The Inbody 270 reads body composition measures such as:

• Skeletal muscle mass or muscles that connect to your bones
• Body fat mass or the weight of fat in your body
• Body fat percentage
• Total weight
• Body Mass Index which measures body fat based on height and weight
• Dry lean mass or the total body mass minus the water and fat mass
• Total body water
• Segmental Lean Analysis which evaluates the balance of muscle in the body
• Body Fat/Lean Mass control recommendations
• Basal Metabolic Rate or the rate at which your metabolism burns calories in a resting state
• 8-Test Body Composition History

These body compositions affect functions throughout your body. For example, obesity is one of the biggest body composition risk factors for developing fatty liver disease along with other liver issues. You don’t necessarily need to be obese for your body fat to impact your liver health. Body fat distribution, or where your fat tends to accumulate, also affects liver health. Belly fat leads to higher risk of liver disease, compared to leg fat. The Inbody 270 can help you set clear goals to target specific areas of fat, and cater your workout towards those goals.

Patients using the Inbody 270 will experience an electric pulse through the body and different body tissues impede the pulse in different ways. These electrical impedances are then read by the machine to calculate measurements. For the most accurate results, it’s recommended that patients don’t eat or drink anything for 8 hours prior to testing, and to retest every 4 weeks.

This Inbody scale will allow patients to compare their results to others who fall within their demographics. Patients can numerically measure if they are under, normal, or over in the various categories listed above.

FTOC patients have free access to our Inbody machine. Our Weight Resistance Trainer will walk you through the entire process, and help you design a workout routine specific to your results and goals. To make an appointment visit our appointments page or call 1(800) 597-7977.