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Man doing pushups in FTOC's wellness center

FTOC Fitness Program: March Workout

The sun is shining brighter as we spring out of winter and our Weight Resistance Trainer, Chris, has put together the perfect workout that can be done at home, at the gym, or even outdoors. Try this workout at your favorite park and take in some sun while you get your sweat on! See below for a video showing all of the exercises as well as step-by-step instructions below with modifications if needed.

Step Ups: Sets 2-5, Reps 4-16 Each

Start with one foot placed flat on a higher and stable surface such as a step. With that single foot staying stationary, raise your hips in the air while raising the opposite leg up and in front of your body, bending at the knee while driving that same knee up to hip height. Bring the leg that was just raised back to the starting position and repeat. You can increase the difficulty of this exercise by adding weight or increasing the height of the step. 

Shrugs: Sets 2-5, Reps 4-16

Start with your hands at your sides (With or without weight, depending on your strength level). Keeping the arms straight, raise your shoulders up to your ears while simultaneously squeezing your shoulder blades together. Pause at the top for at least one second and slowly lower your shoulders back to the starting position. Repeat.

Knee hugs: Sets 2-5, Reps 3-20 

Start laying flat on your back with arms out to the sides. You will then use your abdominal muscles to raise your legs (with knees bent and driving to the chest) and torso off the ground and flex to meet in the middle. Use your arms to hug your bent legs at the top position then return both your legs and torso slowly back to the starting position. 

Mountain climbers: Sets 2-5, Reps 6-50 each

Start in a full pushup position with your hands and feet being the only contact with the floor and your back, hips and heels in alignment. You will then drive one knee at a time up towards the chest and tap the toe on the ground at the furthest point it can go. Bring that single leg back to its starting position and repeat that movement with the other side. Increase the speed of these movements as you progress.