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The Families Together Nutrition Hub Provides Guide To Healthy Eating


TUSTIN, Calif., November 9, 2022 –Type 2 diabetes has grown in children by 77% since the start of the pandemic. To help combat the rise in diabetes among Americans, Families Together of Orange County (FTOC), a nonprofit community health center, is working to provide the tools and education so that anyone can learn to live a healthier life. With the launch of its bilingual Nutrition Hub, Families Together is making nutritional education more accessible. 

The health center’s Nutrition Hub was created in coordination with FTOC’s nutritionists to help provide education and information on how to eat healthy as well as resources to help guide patients on their healthy eating journey. With only 9% of Americans reportedly knowing how to read nutrition labels, it’s clear that nutrition education is lacking throughout the country. Moreover, the study, which was conducted by consumer research platform Attest, also suggested that Americans tend to opt for unhealthy food choices under the guise that they are in fact healthy. 

The Nutrition Hub, which was implemented at the beginning of November in both English and Spanish, is a one stop shop for all Families Together patients and is easily accessible to members of the community at no cost. Vanessa Van Der Linden, a nutritionist at Families Together who helped put together the Nutrition Hub, states: 

“With our patients, we continuously see a lack of education when it comes to nutrition, especially in low-income communities, which can lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes. By providing resources and guides in an easily digestible format through our Nutrition Hub, we’re empowering our patients with the knowledge and education to be able to make lifestyle changes that lead to healthier and longer lives.”

The preconceived notion that healthy eating is more expensive or inconvenient are just a few of the several barriers that the health center is working to address with patients when it comes to nutrition. With grocery lists, organic food guides, and handouts such as How to Build a Healthy Meal, How to Navigate Type 2 Diabetes, and more, the Nutrition Hub provides supplemental education for all patients to help reinforce the information provided within the Nutrition consultations at FTOC. This strategy is purposeful to allow patients the ability to take control of their own health, which is the overarching goal of the Nutrition program at Families Together.

The Nutrition Hub is live and can be accessed on the Families Together webpage here at no cost. Members of the community who are interested in a Nutrition consultation can call 1(800) 597-7977 or visit the Families Together website for more information. 

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