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FTOC Fitness Program: May Workout

May Workout Step-by-Step

With longer days full of sunshine ahead of us, now is the perfect time to test out an exercise routine in your backyard, your nearest park or the beach! Try this workout developed by our Weight Resistance Trainer, Chris, anywhere you want to feel the sunshine, but make sure to drinks lots of water and stay hydrated. See below for a breakdown of each exercise and watch the video to learn the best form and technique.

Exercise #1: Lateral Lunges: Sets 2-5, Reps 4-16 Each

  • Start standing up with both feet hip-width apart. Take a wide step to the side with one foot and plant it. After the foot is planted, drop the hips down and bend at the knee of the outstretched leg while the other leg stays straight. Keep the chest and back upright as you bend the knee. Bring the hips back up and return the outstretched leg back to the starting position. Repeat on the opposite leg. 

Exercise #2: Dips: Sets 2-5, Reps 4-20

  • Start sitting on a raised surface (Bench, chair, box) with both hands at the side, palms down and fingers pointed forward. Raise your torso off of the surface with your hands and arms supporting the weight. With arms still supporting weight, dip your torso towards the ground by bending at the elbow.
  • When you’ve reached the furthest depth you comfortably can, use your arms (triceps and shoulders specifically) to push your body back to its starting position. Repeat

Exercise #3: V-ups: Sets 2-5, Reps 3-30 

  • Start by laying flat on your back with arms stretched out over the head and legs straight. Squeeze your abdominal muscles and bend at the hip to raise both your legs and torso into the air. Touch your hands to your legs and do a controlled descent back to the ground. Repeat. 

Exercise #4: Toe Taps: Sets 2-5, Reps 5-50 each or for time

Start by standing with both feet in front of a raised surface (Higher surface for more difficulty). Drive the knees up and tap the front of the feet lightly on top of the surface then return them back to the starting position. Repeat on the other side.

Want to exercise more? Check out June’s exercise routine! Learn more about our Wellness services including weight resistance training, nutrition services and more by visiting our Wellness page. If you’re interested in working out with Chris in person, call 1(800) 597-7977 ext. 507.