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Families Together lanza una lista de reproducción de música para inspirar a los pacientes a probar rutinas de ejercicios en casa


TUSTIN, Calif., January 23, 2023 – While most people know the positive effects of exercise, many still struggle to find the motivation to start. Families Together of Orange County (FTOC), a nonprofit community health center, is looking to change that with the launch of its monthly workout playlist to go along with the free workout routines posted on the company’s website and social channels. 

In a survey conducted by Market Research Company, OnePoll, 56% of survey participants stated that their reasoning for a lack of exercise in their life was being “too tired.”[1] This, among other reasons, can make it troublesome for people to find the motivation to work out regularly.

When obstacles come in the way of developing healthy habits, Families Together believes in the importance of giving people the tools to overcome those obstacles. The organization’s Weight Resistance Trainer, Chris Henderson, finds that one of the best motivations for his patients is music, which is the inspiration behind the creation of the new FTOC Workout Playlist. 

Music has been proven to increase motivation to exercise, and Henderson has seen the effect firsthand: 

“It goes without saying that music is a regular staple in our training sessions with patients here at FTOC. Music not only creates a fun workout environment, but it also makes a notable difference in people’s endurance. I love to see the way that music motivates patients, and with the new FTOC workout playlist, we hope to inspire anyone who listens to it in the same way – whether they use it at their local gym or in conjunction with our free at-home workouts.”

A study done at the Queensland Academy of Sport had participants run on treadmills until exhaustion. The study found that people who ran in time to motivational music and neutral music were able to run 18.1% and 19.7% longer respectively than the people who listened to no music at all.[2] The key, however, lies in neurological science. Studies show that music spikes arousal, which excites the area of the brain that is responsible for movement and increases one’s desire to move.[3] Additionally, listening to music triggers synchronization, where people will naturally follow a tempo and move in time to music. [4]

Every month, Families Together will release a new workout playlist to coincide with the month’s free workout routine, which is posted to the organization’s blog and YouTube channel. In this first playlist, the January Workout Playlist, people will find a mix of upbeat and motivational music specifically picked out by Families Together Weight Resistance Trainer, Chris Henderson. 

Anyone who is interested in FTOC fitness content can follow the organization’s social media pages for more workout inspiration and to keep track of future monthly playlists. To listen to the January Workout Playlist on Spotify, visit the Families Together Spotify account, and to see the January workout, please visit the Families Together blog.

Acerca de Families Together of Orange County 

Desde 2003, Families Together of Orange County Community Health Center (FTOC) ha servido con orgullo a la comunidad del Condado de Orange con una gran variedad de servicios de salud para todos al mismo tiempo que brinda un hogar médico acogedor, multilingüe y centrado en el paciente . FTOC es una organización sin fines de lucro 501 (c) 3, similar a FQHC, miembro de la Coalición de Centros de Salud Comunitarios del Condado de Orange y la CPCA.Por favor visite www.facebook.com/FamiliesTogetherOC  para obtener más información sobre Families Together of Orange County y las últimas actualizaciones.