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Families Together Assisting Influx in Families Seeking Mental Health Services


TUSTIN, Calif., October 25, 2022 – Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, behavioral health experts have seen a drastic increase in appointment requests, specifically for adolescents. A recent poll found that 20% of the Americans experiencing health care debt owe money for mental health services, leaving many families unable to seek help for their children.[1] Families Together of Orange County (FTOC), a nonprofit community health center, uses a unique, holistic approach to address the growing demand of mental health services for its community at an affordable rate.

Over the past two years, the organization has seen a 156% increase in children seeking behavioral health services. To address this drastic increase, Families Together has grown its Behavioral Health team from 1 provider to 17, and is using various wellness services such as group therapy, children’s cooking classes, weight resistance training, and karate to provide more outlets for children and teens. The health center offers a sliding fee scale for those without insurance or who are underinsured to help them access all of its services.

Yvette Visconte, Clinical Director of Mental Health at Families Together of Orange County, states:

“The past two years have taken a huge toll on families, especially in underserved communities where many families were already struggling financially. Now, more than ever, it’s important that these families have access to the mental health services they need, without worrying about going into debt. Our team is devoted to serving our community, and will continue to do so, regardless of their ability to pay.”

While therapy is a great start, Families Together recognizes mental health goes beyond one-on-one therapy. The health center focuses heavily on educating patients on the importance of healthy foods and regular exercise. Through its food pantry and cooking classes, nutritionists are able to work directly with individuals to better set families up for success.

Serving a predominantly Latino population, in which mental health and therapy is traditionally stigmatized, the Families Together Behavioral Health team has a range of diverse therapists fluent in several languages including English and Spanish. With this cultural sensitivity, the organization has seen great success breaking through cultural barriers for all services offered. 

Along with the sliding fee scale, Families Together also offers assistance to those seeking enrollment in government programs such as Medi-Cal. The FTOC Wellness Center is located at 621 W. 1st St. Tustin, CA 92780. Patients can request an appointment by calling 1 (800) 597-7977 or visiting https://familiestogetheroc.org/appointments.

[1] Yuki Noguchi, N. P. R. N. (2022, October 19). Kids’ mental health care leaves parents in debt and in the Shadows. Kaiser Health News. Retrieved October 21, 2022, from https://khn.org/news/article/kids-mental-health-care-parents-debt/

Acerca de Families Together of Orange County 

Desde 2003, Families Together of Orange County Community Health Center (FTOC) ha servido con orgullo a la comunidad del Condado de Orange con una gran variedad de servicios de salud para todos al mismo tiempo que brinda un hogar médico acogedor, multilingüe y centrado en el paciente . FTOC es una organización sin fines de lucro 501 (c) 3, similar a FQHC, miembro de la Coalición de Centros de Salud Comunitarios del Condado de Orange y la CPCA.

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