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5 Tips to Help Women Take Charge of Their Health

Your health is one of the most important aspects of overall well-being, and always remember that putting your health first is not selfish. In fact, it’s essential in order to live a long and healthy life! It can be easy for women to focus on other priorities such as work or family, and overlook their own well-being as a result. We know it may seem daunting to figure out where to start in terms of prioritizing your health. So, to ensure your health doesn’t fall last on your to-do list, we’ve put together some tips for women to help them take charge of their own health.

1. Regular check-ups

As a woman, it’s important to see a doctor regularly. Make sure your primary care physician is someone you feel comfortable talking openly with about your health and wellness. It might be helpful to keep notes throughout the year of any changes in your body that are a cause of concern so that you’re prepared with the right questions for your provider. Never be afraid to ask for clarification if something isn’t clear, or sounds confusing, and avoid relying solely on the internet for answers. Lastly, always remember to advocate for yourself in the doctor’s office. You know your body best, and if something feels off, make sure that you speak up about it.

2. Manage stress levels

Although stress can be an unavoidable part of life, it can be damaging to your wellbeing if you never address it. Stress can cause you to make unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as choosing foods with poor nutrition or not getting enough sleep. It can also cause you to ignore your health, and neglect signs of mental health distress. Some great ways to keep your stress levels low are exercising regularly, spending time with loved ones, and reducing screen time. If you find that your stress is causing anxiety or depression, consider scheduling an appointment with a mental health professional. 

3.Annual mammogram screening

Getting yearly mammogram exams is the best way to catch breast cancer early and when it is the most treatable. Mammograms are painless and safe, and they’re also a good way for women at high risk of developing breast cancer to learn about their risks for this disease. If you have dense breasts or a family history of breast cancer, talk with your doctor about genetic testing and other steps you can take to reduce your risk. Always remember, early detection saves lives!

4. Improve your diet

Nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle and it’s important to consume foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. The smallest changes, like including fruits and vegetables in your daily meals, can make a huge difference. These can help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, or stroke. Fruits also contain Vitamins C, E & K, which fight off heart disease by reducing cholesterol levels in the bloodstream and lowering blood pressure levels. In general, nutrition can lead to massive improvements in health simply by learning to choose nutritious foods on a regular basis.

5. Stay socially connected

In a recent study, researchers found that social support is an important factor in helping people maintain their health. When you’re feeling under the weather, it helps to have someone who cares about your well-being nearby. Your friends and family can help by offering encouragement and support when you need it most. If you don’t have anyone close by who shares similar interests with you, or has similar experiences as yours, consider joining a club or an organization that is focused on health, such as a yoga or running club. It’s also important to get out of the house from time to time—and meet new people.

If you are looking for ways to start implementing healthy habits into your life, check out our blog, where we share healthy recipes and monthly workout routines. Patients are also welcome to make an appointment at our Tustin Wellness Center, where they will have access to our services which include nutrition classes, exercise sessions with our weight resistance trainer, and mental health services focused on the individual needs of every patient. We now have in-house mammogram services at our Garden Grove location. Visit our appointments page to request an appointment with one of our providers.